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thoughts after watching the movie –“my name is Khan”

My mom said that there are only two kinds of people in the world, the good people and the bad people”, Said Khan. Simple enough as truth always does, but look into the world, there are so many categories existed based on different nominations. Such as the Asians, the Africans, the Europeans, the Americans according to geographical location, or the yellow, the black, the white, and the mestizo according to the color of skin, or Christianise, Muslim, Buddhist, Hinduist, according to beliefs. These are just major classifications, if you investigate further, people could be classified into more groups, within Asia, there are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Philippines………don’t mention people from different religions, from different background of families, from different clans. People, therefore, could be classified into hundreds of categories, no wonder conflicts are so prevalent in the world. Chinese is so hateful of Japanese that we call them pigs, white people are so arrogant that we don’t want to deal with them, muslins are so brutal that they should be wiped out from the world, black people are so savage that they should be conquered and be slaves, Jewish should be eliminated by holocaust for their blasphemy, so on and so forth. What if we classify people into only two kinds, the good and the bad. From which we view people according their intrinsic qualities, such as kindness, generosity, benevolence, nobleness, versus evil, brutality, mean, and ignobleness. Prejudices and conflict of any kind would be drastically reduced if not eliminated. In this regard, we could learn from some great persons of the world, such as Nelson Mandela who crashed apartheid with forgiveness, Gandhi who won national unanimity through peaceful protest, Martin Luther King urged the colored people to give up violence for racial equality. So much hatred, violence, brutality, bloodshed, even genocide, going on every day in every corner of the world, is it the civilization that we desired after thousands of years of humanized development, so advanced of our scientific achievement, that we sent human being to the moon, we explored to the edge of solar system, looking further and further to the edge of the universe in searching of extraterrestrial life for companions, that we could not solve the problems of our own. I look deep in my heart, could not help but yelling: Diverse as human being is, why we couldn’t classify people into only two kinds, the good and the bad, while the good shall win, peace shall prevail.

Such is my random and compulsive thoughts after watching the movie, “my name is Khan.”

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Hidden wings –sunshine dairy

Human thoughts is so wonderful,while my brain is so poor. World is so splendid, while my eyes are so limited. Persons are so brilliant, while my knowing is so unreachable. So many unseen and unknown. Someone says the world is so beautiful while our lives are so short. How long it need to search the visible world and invisible thoughts? Is it enough with our lifetime?

How nice to own a hidden wing. How convenient to cross everywhere having it. How magical it will be. How supernatural it will become. With my hidden wing, I want to fly around wherever I dream to go. With my hidden wing, I want to pause anywhere to discover what I want to know. With my hidden wing, I want follow around all the beauty. With my hidden wing, I can hide myself covering all the unease and indisposed. With my hidden wing, enhance my self-confidence and water down my inferiority. with my hidden wing, I can do all just as in my fairy tale, sweep all worldly thoughts in my mortal life.

Human is such an animal species which has so-called thoughts. And mostly have our own desire whether it will come true or not,Anyway I’d like to daydream my hidden wing, to chase the beautiful butterfly…

What’s ours on earth?

We live in this world, from our birthday to the ending at most a hundred years. What’s our pursuiting? What’s your desire? what belong to us on earth? Most of us work hard year by year to earn more, while people hardly know the money you have spent is really so-called yours in large extent. Most of us raise our kids with our heart and soul, while people seldom realize kids don’t belong to us actually. Most of us love our lover with our full power, while still some couples broke into half at young age or not.

Before all kinds of material temptation and all kinds of worldly thoughts, how many people indulge themselves into the endless lust? Life is such a short journey. What’s our enjoying? Whatever you are pursuiting is also a course which fills with all kinds of tastes and bring us a final result. While among all life tastes, maybe happiness is the ultimate goal, merely some people havn’t realized in their explicit targets one by another. Except our body, what’s ours? Maybe love and sentiments is the way leading a woman to happiness, while it’s love and responsibility to a man? maybe. So-called position, house, car, money , which one is yours? None indeed. But we human always can’t live far away from the worldly world. We suffer from the stuff linking and lingering around the pure simpleness, ups and downs, again and again…

Different people hold different life attitude, even at different age or between different gender. I’m now at a loss what I have said and what to say here, maybe life is always a exploring process for me, nobody is the most clear brain and nobody is worthy being a teacher, except life itself. So I’m a mere one of many many nobody…