Natural Breast Enlargement

The Key To Increased Breast Size
Lies In Mimicking Animal Behavior!
Throughout the ages, women have enjoyed looking desirable. Though all body types are beautiful, many women aspire to have larger breasts and a fuller, more sensual figure. India’s ancient Vedic scriptures describe wise women with such heavenly bodies, so we know the wisdom to achieve the ultimate in sexiness has been around for centuries. But did you know this ancient body of knowledge also ensures a woman can have complete control over her aging process, her fertility, her looks, and—yes!—even her breast size? This incredible system of natural beautification and health is based on the principles of Chinese medicine and has recently been brought to light by a re-discovered, 6000-year-old text. This fascinating tome reveals that all these benefits and more are to be had by doing exercises that mimic a certain animal known for its virility.

The common western belief, of course, is that we must take the body we are born with and endure aging as inevitable. Dangerous surgery, elaborate foundation garments, or expensive cosmetics are our only choices if we want to make a significant change in our face or our breasts. As for our fertility—this is seen as something that can only be harnessed with drugs and implants. But this mode of thinking leaves no room for the concept of Qi, the electro-magnetic energy that we all possess as a birthright. Western thought does not acknowledge that a woman can exercise her own energetic power over her hormones, the march of time, and the allotments of fate in order to give herself ultimate health and healing as well as bountiful breasts and a juicy sex drive at any age.

The ancient Taoist tome mentioned above is receiving a great deal of attention nowadays because it reveals secrets that even advanced martial artists and Chinese medicine practitioners do not know. It describes how, by building and nurturing her Qi—her electro-magnetic energy—a woman can manipulate her own endocrine glands and hormones. Using simple, natural exercises, she will experience an improved state of internal energy, larger breasts, a richer sex drive, more fulfilling orgasms, and the ultimate in self confidence. Another benefit of these methods for controlling the female Qi is natural and reliable contraception and complete control over one’s own menstrual process.

A woman’s body is a mysterious force of nature. No one can deny it. But your body should not be a mystery to you. You have the right and duty to understand its many-faceted workings. You can work with, not against, natural currents to make yourself into a stronger, healthier, more-feminine you. A sex goddess. A fount of wisdom, peace, and beauty. Chinese medicine teaches that when a woman’s internal energy is kept at its most sexy, most ardent, and most aware, she is ready to attract a mate, but also capable of almost anything else. Certainly, her power is evident in all who see her. Her breasts are high and firm, her walk is surefooted, and her body sways to an inner music. With the bust-building and confidence-building exercises taken from an ancient, but recently rediscovered Taoist text, you can easily become that woman!


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