What’s ours on earth?

We live in this world, from our birthday to the ending at most a hundred years. What’s our pursuiting? What’s your desire? what belong to us on earth? Most of us work hard year by year to earn more, while people hardly know the money you have spent is really so-called yours in large extent. Most of us raise our kids with our heart and soul, while people seldom realize kids don’t belong to us actually. Most of us love our lover with our full power, while still some couples broke into half at young age or not.

Before all kinds of material temptation and all kinds of worldly thoughts, how many people indulge themselves into the endless lust? Life is such a short journey. What’s our enjoying? Whatever you are pursuiting is also a course which fills with all kinds of tastes and bring us a final result. While among all life tastes, maybe happiness is the ultimate goal, merely some people havn’t realized in their explicit targets one by another. Except our body, what’s ours? Maybe love and sentiments is the way leading a woman to happiness, while it’s love and responsibility to a man? maybe. So-called position, house, car, money , which one is yours? None indeed. But we human always can’t live far away from the worldly world. We suffer from the stuff linking and lingering around the pure simpleness, ups and downs, again and again…

Different people hold different life attitude, even at different age or between different gender. I’m now at a loss what I have said and what to say here, maybe life is always a exploring process for me, nobody is the most clear brain and nobody is worthy being a teacher, except life itself. So I’m a mere one of many many nobody…


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